Living in a Wild, Wonderful State

Sometimes I’m asked what it is like to live in such a rural area. The best response I can think of, which is technically not a response, is it is different. Growing up, I lived […]


“This is trust: doing what you believe you are called to do and trusting that God will provide.”~Amy Grant, Mosaic “But I am convinced that each of us is given his talent for a reason. […]

His eye is on the sparrow

In thinking about the brevity of life and the trials that come as we walk life’s path, I am reminded of the old hymn, “His Eye is on the Sparrow.” Why should I feel discouraged, […]

Thoughts on Morris’ Lions of Judah series

I recently finished reading a series of books called Lions of Judah by Gilbert Morris. For those of you who have read Gilbert Morris books, you’ll know that he doesn’t skimp on details, and once […]