Identical or Fraternal – 6 years later

Back when LoveBug and Smiley were less than a year old, I wrote about how we didn’t know if they were identical or fraternal. Almost 6 years later, we still don’t know!!! Wait, how do […]

Twins = Two of Everything?

Trying to figure out what to register for on your baby registry can be a challenge. And if you are expecting twins, you probably wonder what you need 2 of. Does everything have to be […]

Twins and Solid Food

LoveBug and Smiley are my first babies so introducing them to solids was a new experience to me. To the mommies that already have a youngster before twins, some of this will be the obvious. Being […]

Still Alive at Almost 7 Months

Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that we are still alive and going strong now that the twins are almost 7 months old. I’ve learned some things the hard way when it […]

How We Found Out About Twins

Because of a serious problem with a previous pregnancy, I’m required by my doctor to have an ultrasound as soon as I know I’m pregnant. So, at 4 weeks 6 days gestation, I had our […]

Identical or Fraternal?

The big question everyone asks … Are your twins identical or fraternal? Our answer: That’s a very good question because we really don’t know the answer. 🙂 If you saw them in real life, you’ll see […]

Guess Who is Here?

Hi friends! It has been so long since I’ve blogged that I almost forgot how to log on to WordPress! 🙂 I hope that some of my readers are still out there somewhere. Lots of […]