Reflection: “This is My Doing”

Sometimes, in the midst of life, certain things I read really hit home. The following passage met the current unrest in my soul on numerous levels. It’s hard to remember that “This is my doing.” […]

My One Word for 2017

It’s time to confess. I coasted through the last half of 2016 and just kind of let life take me for the ride. Sadly, I allowed circumstances to get the best of me. Normally I […]

The treasure of Mary’s heart

Have you ever stopped to consider what the early years must have been like for Mary, the mother of Jesus? A popular Christmas carol asks the question “Mary, did you know?” This holiday season I’ve […]

History of Ramblings-n-Writings

Ramblings-n-Writings is a blog that I started in 2007. I kept it active until 2012. During those years I wrote a lot about life on the farm and reviewed dozens of books. In early 2011, […]

A list of excuses

One of the cardinal rules of blogging is to blog often or at least have posts scheduled to appear on a regular basis. Um, I think I broke that rule! Imagine my surprise when I […]

Our First Date

So, this post won’t win any awards for a creative title, but I couldn’t think of anything better. Three months ago, I wrote a post called My Love Story. And, you probably already guessed, this […]

Noticing a “God thing”

Visit StoneGableBlog for a free printable I admit that I’m not the greatest at sitting up and noticing when God is trying to tell me something. But when He hits you in the head with […]