Diet, Exercise, and Vitamins Part 3

I’ve been talking about how I decided to lose weight and my discovery of a plan called Trim Healthy Mama. Read to the end to find out about vitamins. Here’s some more about the plan… […]

Diet, Exercise, and Vitamins Part 2

About a month after I had made up my mind to shed some weight and improve my body by the time I turned 40, I remembered┬áreading a post on Money Saving Mom. About 6 months […]

Diet, Exercise, and Vitamins

At the beginning of 2016 I decided to do something about my unhealthy body. The combination of a crazy thyroid, a twin pregnancy, and another pregnancy 19 months later totally tanked my metabolism. I was […]

The treasure of Mary’s heart

Have you ever stopped to consider what the early years must have been like for Mary, the mother of Jesus? A popular Christmas carol asks the question “Mary, did you know?” This holiday season I’ve […]

A New Normal

Almost 2 years ago, I wrote a post called “No One Needs Mommy.” That post came out of┬áthe few blissful minutes I started finding during the day when no child was hanging on my pant […]

No one needs mommy

I’ve found myself in a weird place during the past week. I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with. And I’m honestly not sure what to think of it. […]

Be You, Brave Momma

Like this? Go to to print it! The theme for MOPS International this year is “Be You, Bravely.” I love that theme. I have no problem being me – what you see is what […]