Sweet Brokenness

During our MOPs meeting this week, our topic was forgiveness. We watched a video featuring Justin and Trisha Davis of RefineUs. Since this was the first time I heard their story, I’m not comfortable sharing […]

My Love Story

By now you know my story from 5 years ago of my (ex)husband cheating on me and subsequently running away. (If you haven’t read the story, click on the “divorce” label in the sidebar and […]

What is Love?

{{If you missed part 1, part 2 and part 3 of my story, make sure you read those.}} Late one steamy August evening five years ago, I sat in a friend’s house staring at a pillow. Gracing the front of the […]

Shattered Dreams

{{If you missed part 1 and part 2 of my story, make sure you read those.}} One of the hardest things I dealt with after my (ex)husband left was watching my dreams disappear right before my […]

I knew I could never go back

{{If you missed the first part about the circumstances leading up to my divorce, read here.}} The first time my ex-husband ran away, my world was crushed. My mind was numb. My heart was breaking. […]

The Day The Bottom Fell Out

Five years ago, on an early July morning, the bottom fell out of my world. I woke up to find my husband (now ex-husband) gone. For good. Not coming back. Ever. He left on a […]

You are NOT at Fault

I’m not a big fan of daytime talk shows, but the last few minutes of Dr. Phil’s show today caught my attention. I turned the television on ready to scan the channels for something to […]