About Kara S.

Hi! I’m Kara S., the author of Ramblings-n-Writings.

I’m in my late 30s, wife of a pipeliner, and the momma of 3 girls.

Today I define myself as a wife, homemaker, and momma. In years gone by, I defined myself as a teacher, a book editor, a blogger, a tutor, and a book reviewer. A few of those titles are slowly finding their way back on to my resume.

I believe in God. I believe in miracles.

I have dreams of writing a novel.

I am divorced and remarried. I am a proud momma of twins.

I love books and music. I love silence and solitude. I love gardens, flowers, and photography.

I love beauty. I love the look of knowledge crossing my daughters’ faces. I love little girl giggles and sweet hugs. I love baby kisses.

I love sunshine and green grass. I love thunder rolling on a steamy summer night.

I’m a firm believer in reading to children. As a child, my love for words and books started early and I became an avid reader. Today, that love provides part of our family’s income through my freelance business and provides fodder for Ramblings-n-Writings in the form of book reviews. In our house, we often read 3 or more books at bedtime with more read throughout the day.

When not blogging or freelancing, I enjoy life with my husband, three young girls, two black cats, and a tank full of fish.

And a bit about Ramblings-n-Writings and its history…

In 2006 I started blogging and soon created Ramblings-n-Writings. I blogged frequently for about 4 years. Life threw some unexpected curveballs and, over the course of time, I stopped blogging and gave up the Ramblings-n-Writings domain name. A few years ago, I realized I missed blogging and wanted to start again. I made 4 separate attempts during a 3-year span, but no place felt like home like Ramblings-n-Writings did. In August 2015 I returned home to where it all began. 🙂

The topics I write about at Ramblings-n-Writings are ones that are close to my heart – motherhood, restoration, faith, and books. I am a divorcee. I am a small business owner. I participate in our local MOPS group. And while we currently live in a metropolitan area, I spent almost 10 years living in the (very!) rural hills of West Virginia. Those facts all influence what I write about and my perspective on life.