Train Yard Turmoil


Caroline’s eyes scanned the train yard, moving quickly from train to train, searching for Aaron.

His warning echoed in her head – “Don’t come to the yard looking for me. It’s too dangerous. Some of the guys aren’t gentleman, if you know what I mean.”

She smiled at the memory of her husband’s obvious concern for her. Resting her hand on her stomach, she thought of the exciting news she had for him.

Just then, her eyes fell on a couple kissing near a white car. Delighted laughter reached her as the man lifted his head and looked her way.


Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. It’s a 100-word fiction writing challenge inspired by a photo prompt. Join in and write your own story or read others.

2 thoughts on “Train Yard Turmoil”

  1. Dear Kara,

    No wonder Aaron didn’t want her coming to the train yard. Poor girl, I hope she takes him for everything he has. Welcome to Friday Fictioneers.



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